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June 12, 2012


Yesterday was a good day. We officially wrapped up nearly 100 hours of recording for "The Last Hurrah" by hosting guest vocalist (and awesome babe) Luna Searles. My friend and producer K Yamada has been an absolute warrior over the last three weeks as we have worked around what was already a very busy schedule right now in my life. I cannot thank (or pay) him enough for what he's done over the last 4 months since we started pre-production on this record.

Now comes the hard part for me. I must wait patiently while all of this music is assembled, edited, equalized, tweaked and mixed. It is a tedious and time consuming process that I know all too well, having done it myself for my last record. I am both excited and anxious that I will not have a hand in it this go round. Should be about 6 weeks before I have final edits of the songs. I can hardly stand the thought of that.

Stu 4Stu 5Stu 6

Stu 7Stu 8Stu 9


May 23, 2012


I recently remembered why I only do one original album every 5 years, (aside from the fact that it takes me that long to write 12 decent songs). IT IS A BRUTAL PROCESS! Yamada, Maclean, Tyberg, Reed, Heil and I have spent nearly 26 hours in the studio so far and we are probably about 1/3 complete with principal recording. Nevertheless, the music we are getting out of these guys is worth the wait. We've created some exceptional musical moments, I believe. The CD is still on target for August. And, while it will have my name on the cover, I'm proud to say I'm the least talented guy on it, and I'm not just being humble.

Stu 1Stu 2Stu 3


May 18, 2012


As many of you know, I'm working on a new CD of original music. It's titled "The Last Hurrah", and the website has my project featured until June 4. They only give you a month to fund your project goal or you get nothing! Nobody's card is charged until I finish the CD which would be in September, most likely. So I'm asking you guys to go now and contribute a small amount and help me get this record made, it would mean a lot to me. I had this QR thing designed to steer people to the site with their scan apps, but you should probably just click on the link, and thanks!



February 28, 2012

May 12, 2012


I truly love my garden. For relatively little work and virtually no money, I get this (below) every other day. Coming soon: TOMATOS AND FRESH EGGS.

Gar 1Gar 2Gar 3


May 6, 2012


Here are two x-rays of my shoulder taken two months apart. The one on the left from March, the one on the right taken yestereday. The Doc says its healing, but I honestly can't see any difference, can you?



February 28, 2012

April 28, 2012


Say hello to Rosey, Blanche, Steve and Meh! An Americana, and Austalorp and two Rhode Island Reds. They are only a couple months old and still growing, but they are doing well and adjusting to their new home very nicely. I should start getting eggs in about 2 more months, or thereabouts. My dog, Stella, is fascinated and transfixed by them. It's hysterical to watch. (Blanche was born with a blurry face, which is sad, but the other chicks seems to treat her the same, so...



February 28, 2012


Much has happened in the nearly year and a half since I updated the site. I'm going to try to fill in the gaps of the next few weeks, but here is something to get it started. I've decided I want chickens, egg laying hens in my back yard, so I spent the last few days building a coup (calling it the chicken shack). It turned out pretty good. I should have chickens in the next few days!



January 18, 2012


I got blindsided by someone on the slope in Maggie Valley, demolished my collarbone. There was too much of it missing to set and heal, so they had to operate. I got a plate and 4 screws, and 14 wonderful staples. Pretty painfull stuff, but I'm getting through it.



January 2, 2012


It was a terrific new year's eve season. Enough said.



Decmeber 29, 2011


I was the Paddy's entertainer up at Chateau Elan this week, and on Tuesday a young man who I did not know asked to play my guitar. After I made him wash his hands (true) I let him play. To the delight of the audience, he turned out to be the perfomer known as B.O.B. He was curteous, respectful and gracious and I have since become a fan of his. He did a great job. The video is on YouTube if you are interested.

Me and BOB1


July 12, 2010


The guys at Tunrer Field had me do a couple more 'Turner Field Heros' bits this week. This time they let me record them here at home, so I have a copy you can play. They're not as witty as last year's, but I had nothing to do with that part. I'm just the singer.

Bat BoyGrounds Crew


June 20, 2010


Congratulations to my friend Tom Ward on his 100th skydive this past weekend. To commemorate the event, Ben Gravitt and I decided to do a tandem jump on the same load. I managed to get some video of it on my own, so here it is.


June 18, 2010


I wanted to thank all of you who came out this past week to help me in recording the new CD. You guys were terrific and we got everything we needed. Special thanks to Bill Landolina who once again engineered the recording over those nights. I should have the edited pieces available on iTunes within two weeks.

GLJ06190 1Group 2


June 2, 2010


I planted my garden way early this season. The first picture was taken in March right after I put my seedlings in the ground. The others were taken today. It has obviously exploded with growth. I get a squash and zucchini per day already and I'm about to have more tomatoes and cucumbers than I can possibly eat. Looking forward to some watermelon in a month or two as well.

Garden 1Garden 2Garden


May 24, 2010


My regular venue, Limerick Junction, got a face lift this month. I was actually part of the remodeling team for a couple of days myself, but it was the least I could do. I was happy to get back on stage after a long absence there. Cheers!

LJMay10 1LJMay10 2LJMay10-3

LJMay10 4LJMay10 5LJMay10 6


May 17, 2010


Once again it was time to travel up to Chateau Elan this past weekend and play Paddy's Irish Pub. It was only my third time there but I feel like I'm getting the measure of this place. Starting from the third photo of this series, I'd like you to notice how progressively annoyed I become with this truly obnoxious girl who decided to try and hijack my show. It ended in an awkward silence as she slinked off stage. Never again! Other than that, it was a great weekend there in Winder.

Paddy 1Paddy 2Paddy

Paddy 4Paddy 5Paddy 6


May 10, 2010


With the Gulf Oil Leak already two weeks old, I was concerned about my plans to go camping down at St. Joe's Peninsula. I felt reasonably sure that the oil had not reached that far just yet. Fortunately I was right and the beach was in perfect shape. I had an awesome time, camped, fished, grilled out and got some sun.

Camp 1Camp 2St Joe 2

St Joe 5St Joe 6St Joe 9


May 2, 2010


Okay, so I had this cruddy back yard that sloped away from the house at such an angle as to be unusable. I put up with it for six years, but recently I decided to do something about it. I started laying down railroad ties one day in March and before I knew it I had quite a wall. It took four dump truck loads of dirt to fill it, but it's done now and I'm waiting on the grass to grow. Should be nice once it comes in.

wall 1wall 2dirt


April 28, 2010


Yes, I'm aware that's the title of a Marx Brothers film, but it's also what I did last night, saw The Atlanta Opera's production of Mozart's THE MAGIC FLUTE. Enjoyed it very much, great performances all around. Check it out if you get a chance.

Opera 3


April 23, 2010


It takes a talented and gifted photographer to capture flattering pictures of yours truly on film. My friend Phillip Bradshaw is one of those photographers. He came out to my show this past weekend down in Macon at The Shamrock and managed to get some decent shots. Also, check out his website at where he has some amazing photos posted.



April 19, 2010


I just found out that I'm the featured musical artist on this month. They came out to Limerick during my stint and shot some video and talked with me for a long time about what I do. It's all up on the site now and it looks pretty good. Click the link and check it out if you have a minute.

For web link click here.


April 16, 2010


You've seen my dog Stella, right? But did you know that she is nuclear powered? Well then, watch this video.


April 6, 2010


In a true moment of impulse, I decided to travel with my sister and her family down to Cape Canaveral to watch the nighttime launch of the Shuttle Discovery on Monday morning. It was spectacular, as you might know. I have video of the lift off and photos of the vapor trails left in the light of the rising sun, one looks kinda like a scorpion to me. Glad I got to see the launch, very cool!

contrail is morning lightContrail a bit later, Scorpion lookingvideo of launch


February 17, 2010


I went back to Maggie Valley for more snowboarding, met Elizabeth Kostova in a small bookstore in Asheville, where she agreed to inscribe both of her books for me. Not a bad day, eh?



February 10, 2010


My buddy John and I hit the slopes this past weekend in Cataloochee NC where he is training for ski patrol. The conditions were nearly perfect and I escaped with minimal bodily injury. Check out the video by clicking the third picture.

Me and JohnMe and JohnVideo


February 3, 2010


Hello all. This year's St. Pat's shows are on the block now. I'm doing 3 shows that day: Noon to 4, 5 to 9, and 10 to close. I'm selling them on a first-come first-serve basis so contact me as soon as possible to book one.


January 13, 2010


I had my first show up at Chateau Elan last weekend. Forgot to take pictures during the gig, but I got some before. Pretty awesome property, don't you think?



December 31, 2009


Of the four decades I've endured on this planet I would have to say this past one was the most interesting. I'm wondering what the next four have in store for me. I got to say goodbye to it in a great way. It was really a perfect night, thanks to all!





December 30, 2009


A great group of people in Sandy Springs asked me once again to entertain them on THEIR new years eve. They celebrate it the night before so that no one has to worry about sitters, road blocks, amateur drinkers, etc. Great idea really. Thanks for the terrific night everyone. I had a blast.

LadiesLucky me


December 17, 2009


Now this was cool. Wednesday night I stopped my set to watch the last few minutes of the Thrashers game. They had come back from a 0-3 deficit, but gave up a last minute goal to lose the game. I was disappointed, but mentioned that I was proud of the way our guys were playing this year. During the break a guy came up and introduced himself. It was none other than defenseman Mark Popivic, #3. He was still recovering from a broken foot and won't be back in the line up for a couple of weeks. He had just stopped in for a beer, but ended up staying for most of my set. Very cool guy.

In other news, my friend Debra and her friends sought me out for her birthday on Friday and found me at the Black Bear Tavern where we had an evening of good tunes, Irish and otherwise. Thanks for a great night guys.

Me and MarkThe Birthday Girl


December 9, 2009


Attendance seems to be coming back up to pre-recession levels around town. This past week at Limerick was about as crazy as it gets. Sean and I did a Flight Of The Concords tune that turned out pretty good. I caught some of it on video, so click on the last pic if you want to see it.

Packed HouseAre these kids old enough to be in here?Hands Up

Ain't She SweetWhy so serious?video


November 20, 2009


My buddy Dave and I climbed Stone Mountain last Tuesday for no reason other than it was a fantastic fall day and we were bored. We took some pictures and shot a short video along the way. Click on the middle picture to see the video.



November 17, 2009


No, it's true. I have proof. Actually, I only have a small sample group of data from which to draw my conclusions, but it was a vocal and robust sampling! Serious thanks to all the wonderful teachers that came out over the weekend and helped me celebrate my birthday. I will never forget it!



November 9, 2009


I'm sort of happy when daylight saving ends each year. There are less afternoon daylight hours, true, but I don't have to start my show at Limerick when it's still light outside, which never feels quite right. Bar patronage always goes up slightly after the shift as well, which is good for all of us.



November 4, 2009


Every year, my sister and her husband's Halloween Party gets a little bigger, a little better and a little more elaborate. 2009 lived up to the expectations as some 70 or 80 people showed up to take part. Everyone was in costume, and most were even in character. Stephie and I were widely regarded as best costume, but then again, we spent dozens if not hundreds of man hours on our concept. In an off-the-cuff idea, my outfit even transitioned into a pretty decent "Joker" when I finally got tired of the wig. There are lots more photos of the night linked up at my facebook page if you would like to check them out.



October 27, 2009

Puerto Escondido on TV

As most of you know, a favorite vacation destination of mine has become Puerto Escondido in the state of Oaxaca Mexico. Until recently, as it's name implies, it's been relatively hidden and undiscovered. (Escondido means hidden in Spanish) Whether it's good or bad, that's likely about to change...

Tomorrow night, on the cable channel HGTV, Puerto Escondido will be featured on the 30 minute show called House Hunters International at 10pm. Watch and you'll and see why I and so many other people have fallen in love with this little piece of paradise in Mexico

Andrea and Randall love the outdoor life in Salt Lake City, Utah: hiking, skiing, snow shoeing, etc. But for fun in Puerto Escondido, Mexico the situation changes a bit: exploring, snorkeling, swimming and relaxing! On a previous trip to Puerto, the couple purchased an empty lot with plans to build their dream home from scratch, but so much for best laid plans. Now it seems best to save the hassle of building by buying an existing property. They've hired Brett and his mom Nancye with Puerto Real Estate to help them make a big decision: buy the perfect getaway overlooking the Pacific Ocean or build their own?

Tune in: October 28, 2009 at 10:00 PM EST/PST

More air times and details

Yelowfin tuna fishingSurfing BuggyDolphins


October 6, 2009


In addition to being a perfect palindrome, it's a weird way of saying that, yes, I had my dog, Stella, blessed this past weekend. I was amazed at how many people came out with their pets for the ceremony, and that there were no major altercations among the dogs. It's good to know Stella can now go to dog heaven!



October 4, 2009


I probably don't have to tell you how much of a cold weather person I am. Lets just say I'm extremely happy to see the temperatures dropping a bit. All four days at Limerick this week were outstanding. I loved the man-powered bikebar from Stella Artois that visited on Friday. Thanks to everyone who came out for me!




September 29, 2009


My friends Ryan and Heather Teter were married this past weekend near Brunswick. I drove down to help them celebrate and play some music. They were unbelievably lucky with the weather. While it stormed virtually everywhere else in the state, it was gorgeous and perfect for their big day as the photos show. The video on the other hand shows how bad it was just a few miles outside of Savannah. Pretty amazing light show.

Wedding1Wedding2>Storm Vid


September 24, 2009


I'm happy to report that the shows at RiRa Irish Pub are beginning to show signs of life. Last night was among the best of them, thanks in no small part to my old friend Derrick Lachmann and his pals. I hope they all go this well from now on. Hey Derrick, good luck in Amsterdam!

LJ1Me and Derrick


September 16, 2009


I don't remember asking my audience to salute me in this way, so I was somewhat surprised to find these photos on my camera Monday afternoon. Funny though.



September 2, 2009


Last weekend down in Macon I had the pleasure of playing a few songs with local talent Molly Stevens. She has just finished a fantastic demo CD and is slated to open for the Indigo Girls next week. I have a short video clip of a John Pryne song we did together. I think you'll agree, she is amazing. Click on the photo below to watch the clip.



August 23, 2009


After two weeks off, I was happy to get back to work at Limerick this week. I had a few new songs to debut which went over pretty well. It was good to see some familiar faces there that I had not seen in quite a while. Thanks for hanging out with me guys.



August 10, 2009


I haven't been writing much here on my page, but trust me, I've been writing. I've finished my novel just a week ago. I'm fishing around for an agent right now to try and secure a publisher. It may not get picked up, but I'm hopeful. I am considering putting the digital file here on my website to see if any of you would be interested in it. How about this, you click on the link on your left, send me an email about the book, and I will send you the word document, free of course. I'd just like to gage how much interest there would be in such a thing. Warning: It's quite long.

In other news; some of you have been asking why I've had to cancel the Durty Kelly's dates on my calendar. The truth is, it was just a pathetically amateur operation that I literally couldn't afford to be part of anymore. I was having to forgive too much incompetence far too often. My apologies to those of you who liked my playing there.

Stay tuned guys, I'll be posting pictures from the Colorado trip, from the CNN golf tournament and from this coming weekend's trip to Jekyll Island. See you soon.


August 02, 2009


This year, the CNN golf tournament had a great turn out. I got to play with my old friends Chad Myers and Rob Marciano from the weather department. Meteorology phenom Brandon Miller rounded out the foursome. It was a tough course and we only managed to shoot a 5 under 67 for the day, not good enough to win as a team, but I managed to win not one, but two closest-to-the-pin holes, which netted me $200! Not bad, eh?



July 22, 2009


There is a new Irish pub on the scene in Atlanta. It's called RiRa's and it's in Midtown on Crescent. I've had a very good time there over the last few weeks. I hope to see some of you coming out and joining me there soon.



July 6, 2009


This year I had the pleasure of playing on July 4th in the Highlands. We caught some of the fireworks in midtown first, then spent the rest of the night at the Junction. Good crowd there that night.



June 5, 2009


I had a great time rocking the TED on Friday. I had two sets this time, and a much bigger audience. I gave away a truck load of CDs over the two hours. My friends Wiley and Jonathan where there to help me out and they got a lot of pictures as well. I posted a small fraction of them below.

Something else happened at the Braves game that was pretty awesome. The guys in management asked me to be the rock singer voice of the Budweiser "Real Men Of Genius" commercials that they do just for Turner Field. They play them at every game at the end of the fifth inning. I went up to their studios and recorded five of them that day. I think they want me to do them the rest of the year! Pretty cool, right?




May 27, 2009


I don't post many videos to my site, but I wanted to show you all something cool I've created lately. Just click on the picture below and take a look. It may take a few seconds to download, so be patient.

Crader Links


May 20, 2009


They finally fixed the sidewalk outside Limerick, taking away a great deal of our entertainment. Luckily, inside things are about the same as always; Friends come to the show, people raise drinks to toast, some girls get up to do the Unicorn Song and we all get attacked by some sort of poltergeist (No kidding look at the last picture, yes, it's smoke but it looks pretty cool.)

Collin and AbbieCrowdMe

Ladies 1GoPoltergeist


May 14, 2009


So, April seems to have gone by in a hurry. I haven't been posting photos lately and I apologize. Not that I'm making excuses, but I've been trying to get in to law school in the fall, I'm finishing a novel (very nearly done) and I'm writing songs for the new CD, all while training a new puppy and maintaining my private little golf course and vegetable garden. Hey, that does sound like a lot of stuff when I list it like that. Peace.


May 2, 2009


Brannon and the boys had me out to The House last weekend to play a daytime set for the college crowd. It ended up being an absolutely perfect day and a great party. Thanks guys!

Allthe boys


April 17, 2009


My good friends and loyals fans from Candler Seminary hired me to play a private birthday party last weekend. They had lots of Guiness and even made car bombs for everyone. Check out the pictures below. Download them both and swith bewteen them quickly, looks like we're doing bombs.

In other news, a party for the Glen Levitt guys at Stout was pretty cool. Everyone there was in kilts and they all seemed to enjoy the music.

ReadyGOThe Kilted


April 10, 2009


Wednesday at the Junction was packed with faces old and new. They ran me ragged and made me stay way too late. Thanks guys.

BastardsSmile GregWeekend Warriors


March 26, 2009


There were either an inordinate amount of babies born in March, or Limerick Junction was infested with liars last weekend. At least eight different people claimed it was their birthday. The ladies, of course, get to come up and join me for the Unicorn Song. The men just get ridiculed for being old. Here are some photos, enjoy!

CheersTable 2Angus!

Unicorn 1unicorn 2Hi Ladies


March 20, 2009


It's been a very long week for me, as most of you know. I'm still not quite finished with it yet, but I look forward to some time off. It was an incredible day on Tuesday, proof that God smiles on the Irish from time to time. Everyone was very kind to me, even the drunks! Slainte!

CraderHeads UpCHEERS


March 12, 2009


We did a photo shoot last week for my next CD as well as some other stuff. My friend Jeff snapped the shots, some of which I really liked. Take a look.



February 10, 2009

DRINK IT UP MEN...'s long after 10 (days since I updated the site here. Get it?) I have a lot of pictures from between then and now, so I'm just going to put them all up together. I had my God Squad back on Thursday for the first time in quite a while. I also had some good friends, David, Anna and Patrick, come out on Friday, which was great. Then I had a freak with a tie on his head in front of me all night. Actually they were good people and we had a blast together. Thanks everyone.


My palsTie on Head GuyGod Squad


January 26, 2009



Yes people, after a year and a half the old record has finally fallen. On Saturday there were no less than 6 ladies on stage to help me with the unicorn song. The previous record was 5 set back in August of 07. It was a magical night indeed. In all seriousness, it was a great week back at the Junction. Thanks to all and see you in two weeks.

CHEERSCount em' 6!That's not my guitar.


January 18, 2009


Typically, the winters at my Sunday gig at Marlow's can be somewhat under attended due to the weather. It's a patio gig and it can get a little chilly out there. But, once in a while, the sun breaks through and the masses come out of hibernation to enjoy the show. Such was the case this passed Sunday when a couple dozen good friends showed up to hang with me and have a little fun. Also, I had to show you the tiny origami that my friend Anna made. Pretty cool, eh? Thanks so much everyone and I'll see you all again soon.

tiny origamifriends


January 10, 2009


I spent my new year's eve in a quiet way, at home with a few friends. I prefer to leave that night to the amateurs. It's safer that way. It was good to get back to Limerick in the new year and see all the old friends after a few weeks off. It did seem like there was some renewed energy with the old regulars and the four day stint had some really good moments. My friend Rachel gave me a great new years toast, 'May your troubles in the new year be as short lived as your resolutions'. Isn't that awesome?"

crowd 1crowd 2crowd 3


December 30, 2008


This party was a good idea from the start. John Swanson and a big group of his friends decided to have a party on the 30th as a way of celebrating the holidays together. As he explained, getting everyone together around Christmas is impossible and getting baby sitters for everyone on New Years Eve is almost as difficult. Besides, we both agreed that New Years Eve is far better left to the amateurs anyway. Yes, there were men at this party, but the women were having a much better time I think.

crowd 1crowd 2


December 29, 2008


Just a quick hello to everyone wishing you well and a happy 2009. I for one, am glad to be saying goodbye to 08' and am looking forward to seeing everyone in the coming new year. Look for me at Limerick Junction pretty often in 09', I have 25 engagements there this year.


December 21, 2008


Yes, it's the first day of winter and we are looking at temperatures in the teens tonight as I head out to play the Marlow's patio this evening. Winter really didn't have to arrive with such vengance in my opinion, but what are you gonna do? Sharing a few pics pics from my final gig at Limerick Junction in 2008. See you back there in the new year!

crowd 1crowd 2crowd 3


December 20, 2008


If I've done this right, you should be hearing a song I wrote the week. It's in the Irish tradition and it's about a couple of aliens that come to earth for beer. It's called 'How Guinness Saved The World' and I made this scratch recording of it earlier today. It turned out okay so I thought I would share it. I hope it becomes a regular at Limerick. Also had some good photos from last night. Enjoy.

crowd 1crowd 2crowd 3


December 12, 2008


My friend Rob and I went to a "Save the Planet" party at the Tabernacle on Friday. It was a much bigger deal than either of us tought it would be. I met Chevy Chase, saw Ted Turner, Ludacris, Jack Blades, Jeff Carlisi, Morris Day, the dude from the Romantics, and got to hang out with my friend Holly Firfer and Miss Georgia. It was a pretty cool night. Got a few photos. Wanna see em?"

Me and RobMe and HollyMiss Georgia

Jack and JeffLudacrisBig Stage


December 8, 2008


Well, I forgot to recharge the camera battery after my Mexico trip, so I have no photos from this past week at Limerick, which was a great week by the way. But, I did find some extra stuff from mexico that I wanted to share, including some pretty cool video of some manta rays feeding in the early morning hours out in the bay. Click on the ocean photo below to see it. The other is me right after surfing. Yes, I'm exhausted.

Manta Ray Feedingsurf



November 28, 2008


What can I tell you? At times it seems I live a pretty charmed life. The last two weeks of it have been particularly incredible, starting from my birthday bash and all the way through this awesome week in Mexico. The waves were great, the fishing was good, the company was warm and welcoming, and the weather, well.... Regardless, I am anxious now to get back, for a variety of reasons. One can only handle so much paradise, right?

Me and RadminIn the poolUp early to go fishing

Las Tunas!At Casa RubiaSurfing Is FUN!



Light And ShadowOne Hot Night At Limerick Junction


November 25, 2008


I won't spend a lot of time explaining this, so just click HERE for my holiday video message from Mexico. See you soon.


November 24, 2008


Yes, I have a new puppy. She is 6 months old and seems to be part beagle and part lab. I've decided to call her Stella, but right now she's just being called, NO!

Stella 1Stella 2Stella 3


November 18, 2008


Well, for starters, my birthday was last Saturday and several very good friends came to town from points near and very far. Jason, Amelie and cousin Scott from Colorado, Blair from Texas and Brett from New York. As soon as we were all together, we hit Limerick to catch Chris Ricker and have some libations. Great to be surrounded by friends and fans on a night like that. I got up and did a short set with Ricker and the car bombs flowed. It was an excellent night to start off the weekend.

Yes, I'm a lucky guy.The Whole GangI give to my fans.

Then came the birthday party, which was amazing. I think the final tally was just short of 50 people and the clubhouse where we staged it was perfect. (Thanks Melissa and Shawn). We had a community car bomb, music, billiards and good food. I really cleaned up on the alcohol thing. I won't have to visit a liquor store for months, perhaps years. There were some great moments that night, like Brett running up to hug Jason (in 20 years, these two best friends of mine had never actually met before that weekend). Jason and I sang a few tunes together like in the old days. Then everyone got in on the action, and we just had the best time ever! It was a magical night for me, and thanks so much to EVERYONE for coming out and helping me celebrate the big 40. Yes, It's a lot of pictures, but it was a big night. Enjoy!

The Before PictureThe Whole GangCar Bomb ToastMike Scott and KatMe and The Shan ManMy sisters with TinaJason And Me SingSistersBrett And Me SingScott and KatKath and Brett Sing


November 10, 2008


I did manage to snap off a few photos this week at the Junction. I've added a few new songs to the repetoir that seem to be going over very well. More to come guys, so keep the suggestions coming, and thanks much.

Oh, LadiesRaise em up!Are we having fun?

cheersOne is a power hungry egomaniac with a gun, the other is a cop.


October 27, 2008


Another great Halloween party this year at my sister Becky and her husband Mike's place down in Macon. It was a big turnout with loads of great costumes. I went as Darkmane, the guy from the ESPN X Games commercials. Yes, I had to explain it all night, but everyone gave me credit for the effort and the spot on immitation. So, I got that going for me, which is nice.



October 17, 2008


Great crowd and a full house last night at Limerick Junction. I really had a great time. Thanks to everyone for hanging out so late and let's do it again in two weeks time, yeah?

Bottoms Up


October 10, 2008


That's my favorite cheesy line, but the point is, I just finished editing some video footage from a show a while back and I thought I'd post it here. It's only a couple of minutes, but it's a pretty good example of what I do (for those of you who have never seen my Irish show).

Click for Video


October 02, 2008


Without a doubt, last night was one of the most strange and awesome Wednesdays at Limerick Junction ever. What started out as a nice and somewhat subdued birthday party for a lovely girl named Koko, slowly degenerated into an amped up head banger hootenanny. Turns out Koko's friends include Rachel Bolan and a few of the other lads from Skid Row. So, naturally, I had to up my game, and for the first time in quite a while, 100% rock was achieved and even maintained for a respectable duration. The photos are great. Yes, that's two girls kissing. Enjoy!

My future wifeGirl loveNo one told me tongues out.


September 26, 2008


Friday was the start of Oktoberfest in the Virginia Highlands, and it was a good one. I played for nearly seven hours over the course of the day and was pretty wiped out afterwards. The next night I had a private party to play and it was all I could do to find the energy for it. I couldn't tell if the gas situation here in Atlanta was keeping people away. We had a pretty full house all week long with a lot of fun people. Check out the pics.

Good RoomGirls OutsideWhere's Galen?


September 12, 2008


My very wonderful and very loyal Thursday night crew found themselves in Limerick Junction on a night I wasn't there. This is the picture they sent me. Thanks for the good laugh!

So Sad


September 10, 2008


I got this email this morning:


You dropped off a CD at Erin’s Snug Irish Pub in Madison, WI. My name is Jerry Waller one of the owners. I am interested in learning more. Where is your home base?. How much do you charge for a three set gig? What is your availability?

We are beginning to book bands every Friday and may expand to Saturdays as well if we can justify it from a cost standpoint. Our hope is to rotate 6 to 8 bands so that we might build a following.


So, I guess the question has to be; What the hell was I doing in Madison Wisconsin? Am I Tyler Durden? Was I there to start a fight club? Something very strange is going on here. I love mysteries!


September 7, 2008


I have no idea what we are doing in this photo, but I'm told the caption should read "Woooooo Tang", so it does. Just kidding, I'm not that big a geek. This was Wiley's idea, however, and we all thought it was pretty hilarious.

Wooooo Tang


September 3, 2008


Another four day stint at Limerick Junction would get a bit old if not for the amazing loyalty and friendship of our core patrons in The Highlands. I got the PA sounding prefect on Wednesday, so I should be in good form for the rest of the week. See you there everybody.

roomgrainy right?Me and Sean


August 30, 2008


After hovering near the lower nineties for most of the night, close to 100% rock was finally achieved in the closing 3 songs of the night on Thursday at Limerick Junction. Thanks to all who helped me to reach the goal by cheering me on so nicely. You know who you are.

The BastardsI'm pointing at youtwo hotties


August 28, 2008


Does everyone remember Dominique in the pink dress? Of course you do. Here are some pictures in case you missed it. I think it's safe to say she had a memorable birthday at Limerick Junction.



August 26, 2008


Tuesdays at The James Joyce in Avondale are starting to pick up nicely. Fortunately I have some good friends in the area that are loyal and enthusiastic. I have confidence that this will be my favorite place to play very soon. Thanks to all the new people I met tonight as well. Hope to see you there again soon.

Me and the crew


August 18, 2008


I got the call on Saturday to come to Turner Field again and do the pre game entertainment. It was a day game on a Monday, so the attendance wasn't exactly high, but I did get to do some tunes with The Heavy Hitters Drum squad, and the Tomahawk girls danced for me the whole time, so it was GOOD! The game was not so good, Braves where shut out, but we had fun regardless.

Braves 1Braves 2Braves 3


August 15, 2008


So school is almost back in session and it's marked by the return of Ashley, the Dans, and Wiley (aka, "Black Angus") to Thursday night. I missed all you guys very much over the summer. Last night was incredible and thanks for bringing all the new pals! These pictures were taken by some of the future religious leaders of America, and God bless them!

Dark KnightAshley and meMore Dark Knight


August 4, 2008


It was another hot one on the patio at Marlow's Sunday evening, but that didn't seem to keep anyone away. We had another full house of good and generous people. I believe I made some new friends that night. I hope to see you all again next Sunday.

crowd 1kids


August 3, 2008


Saturday was my official CD release party at the Junction, and I was joined by Neal and Joe for most of the night. Our trio sounded pretty good if I do say so myself. Neal suggested we close the show with Chasing Cars which went over very well. Also, two of my very good friends, Chad and his wife Sally, came to the show. The night ended on a great note with the staff and regulars descending on The Majestic for a late night grub fest. I don't think we stopped laughing the entire time, good stuff.

Chad and SallyMe and Neal


August 1, 2008


Had the best Thursday ever last night at the Junction. Packed house all night. I busted out Brave Sir Robin's theme song and virtually everyone got it. I gave a few people a generous amount of ribbing. They were all good sports and good people. I sold around 30 CDs as well. Couldn't believe it. Thanks everyone!

crowd 1crowd 2


July 31, 2008


The new CD was released today. They turned out very cool. I sold a dozen or so tonight on what turned out to be an excellent Tuesday night at the Junction. I'll have them there the rest of the week for those of you who would like to pick one up. Hope to see you there.

crowd 1


July 30, 2008


After a very successful Tuesday night in Avondale, we've decided to go to an every week schedule at The James Joyce Pub. I'm looking forward to growing the business and increasing the happiness there in Decatur. I believe it will eventually be my biggest show. Thanks to everyone who came out. Sorry I forgot to get any photos.


July 28, 2008


Unfortunately, we only played 15 holes. It was just to damn hot to play golf, even with the beers. The golf was secondary to hanging out with my friend John Roux-Lough. He's a marshall there on the weekends and gets to play one Monday a month (and bring 3 guests!) He's about to celebrate his 88th birthday next month and he still hits a pretty good ball. God bless him. We had a GREAT time.

Me and John


July 26, 2008


Yes, I'm running out of puns, cut me some slack. Saturday night was great in its own weird way. Good audience, good energy, good time had by all. I should have Neal and Joe with me next. That ought to be a lot of fun. Hope to see you all then.

crowd 1crowd 2crowd 3


July 25, 2008


Seriously, a very cool thing happened Friday night at Limerick Junction. I was joined on stage for a full set with Mr. Dallas Burrell, who, at the ripe old age of 81, still plays a smoking hot fiddle. He quite literally stole my show, but I didn't mind a bit. It was one of my favorite moments even at Limerick. Thanks again to Annie Rumble for the photos.

Me and Dallas 1Me and Dallas


July 10, 2008


Holy crap, Five Paces Inn is insane on Thursday nights. It was only the third time I've played there, but it was just like I remembered it, out of control. I really never have seen that many people crammed into such a tight space since frat parties in college. Well done guys. And thanks for the great gig.

Say formaggio!Me and Sarah Lovey ladies



You should be hearing a tune called "Some Say The Devil Is Dead" from the upcoming live CD. I'm told I can expect delivery of them in about 8 days. Good audience participation on this one, great song.


July 7, 2008


The weekends at Limerick Junction are better than ever. I had a lot of friends come out this time. People I hadn't seen in a very long time. Really great catching up with everyone and I hope to see you all out there in two weeks.

Thank you very muchpeepsdopey grin


June 30, 2008


You should be hearing a new version of "Caledonia" that I recorded over the past two days here at home. The file of the live recording turned out to be too corrupt to work with and I really wanted the song on the new CD. I think it's the only one I have to re-record. The others are coming out fine. Hope you like it.


June 24, 2008


I've spoken to dozens of you over the past few weeks inquiring about the live CD. Well, the tracks are done and off at mastering and you can see below that the design work is done for the cover/back, so we are looking at a late July release when the units come back from duplication. Stay tuned, kids.

CoverBack Panel


June 21, 2008


Last week I was in Dallas for a few days and had a chance to play at Trinity Hall. It worked out perfectly and I had a great time. Also got to reconnect with an old friend who lives in Houston. He made the treacherous 4 hour drive in a truck with no AC! Now that's a good friend.

Stage 1Up HighMe and Blair


June 16, 2008


I had Neal with me this week at the Junction. Good shows for the most part, and nothing really weird happened. What's up with that?

A Toast!A Toast!Drummer Boy


June 11, 2008


You should now be hearing a song called "The Hills Of Donegal". It's not in the public domain and they want too much money for the rights to it, so it's not going on the record, but I liked the way it turned out on the recording, so here ya go!


June 5, 2008


Well, you should be. I've embedded a song from the live recording last week at Limerick Junction. There is still a lot of material to through, but this one sounded decent, so I put it up. Hope you like it.


June 2, 2008


We now have the second of our two nights of live recording in the can. I would estimate about 3 or 4 weeks of mixing and mastering, and another 2 weeks for printing, so look for the CD to be on sale about mid August. I had some excellent audience participation, which is what we were counting on Saturday night. Great crowd and overall a good show.

My friend and drummer, Neal, was there for recording night as well. Hopefully some of the stuff we did together will make the record. I BARELY lost a car bomb shoot out to Neal that night, but I whipped his butt on the golf course today, so I feel alright about that.

What was I looking at? My people Car Bomb Shoot Out


May 29, 2008


Had a great night Thursday at a recording studio over near Dunwoody. My friend John Rowland is friends with a producer named Jaywil (I hope that's right) and they wanted me to lay down some guitar and vocals for a hip hop version of "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover", the old Paul Simon song. We ended up staying for hours and listening while he laid in drums, organ, synth and bass, even another little bit of my guitar that he liked. I think I'll be using that studio for some of my own projects in the future.

GuitarGuitar 2Vocals


May 25, 2008


Well, we didn't get to finish the live record on Friday, my friend and engineer Bill had to tend to some urgent business, so we've decided to shoot for Saturday the 31st. I hope as many of you will show up then as did on Friday, that was very cool.

There was yet another car accident right outside of Limerick on Wednesday. This time my friend, Ben's vintage motorcycle got run over while parked in front of the door. Pretty bad damage, but he says he can fix it. Forgot to get a picture.

Last night the girls of the Atlanta Roller Derby League stopped in to say hi and hand out flyers. Had to get a picture of that, right? Then, the Falcon's Joey Harrington showed up at the Junction with some friends from Oregon. It was pretty cool meeting him and playing his multitude of requests. (He was quite generous with the tip jar.) He was even going to get up and play the piano, till we all discovered that the piano they have at the pub is rotted and useless. Too bad, apperently Joey is an accomplished pianist. It would have been cool.

Friday CrowdRoller GirlsMe and Joey


May 20, 2008


If you have two and a half minutes, I'd like to show you the second greatest moment of my entire life. It happened yesterday at Turner Field before the Braves game. I was selected for The Delta Fly Ball Challenge where you have a chance to catch three fly balls and min 25000 sky miles. Yes, I tripped over the cameraman on the second ball, but they gave me another chance. On my last ball, the guy launching them turned the machine on full blast and shot it into right center. I caught it in a dead sprint, the fastest I've ever run in my life.

I caught all three and won the miles, but what was really cool was the hundreds of people who stopped me over the rest of the night to say "nice catch, man". I don't think I will ever get tired of telling that story. My thanks to my buddy David Lucado for the fine job of recording my moment. Click on the pic below to watch the video.


May 19, 2008


So, many of you expressed your anger at me for not telling anyone about the show at Turner Field. I was not sure what it was going to be like or if I would do well. Well, I did do well and now regret not having told my peeps. If they give me another chance, I'll make sure you all know about it. Take a look at the photo. The name in lights was pretty cool.

On Saturday I drove down to Macon, GA to survey the tornado damage and help my sister and her husband clean up the mess around their home. The photo is from a near-by college campus where the twister must touched down in a big way. I'd say there were at least 300 trees snapped off at the trunk. Incredible sight.

Turner Field GigMarlowsTornado


May 16, 2008


It was an unbelievably strange night at Limerick Juntion. About an hour and a half into the show, we hear screeching tires and I turn around just in time to see an SUV barreling into a parked car (the one parked directly in front of mine) and send it crashing through the window of the restaurant right next door to Limerick. The car that rear ended the SUV came to rest less than 5 inches from my truck! I just had to get some pictures of that, right?.

How much is that fender in the window?Out Of TownersWiley and Friends (I call him Black Angus)


May 15, 2008

Playing The Ted!

I forgot to include this in last weeks news, but I've been added to the Atlanta Braves roster of entertainers! Yeah, this is big. I'll be performing in the grotto behind center field at the main entrance for one hour before game time. My first appearance is tomorrow (Friday 16th) from 6 to 7. I hope to see some of you there.

In other news, last night we started working on a live CD at Limerick Junction. Now that I've worked out all the sound issues with my equipment and the house PA there, I felt like it was time to give it another shot. My friend, Bill, is engineering it and I believe we got some good stuff last night even though the crowd wasn't huge. We are going to do at least one more full night of recording on Friday, May 23, so I will need as many of you there as possible. Below are some pics from last night's show. Notice the tall stands at the sides of the stage.

I need a beerfrom seatsMid Jam


May 14, 2008

It Was Once New Amsterdam

Alright, I'm just back from New York City where I had one of the best trips ever. My old friend Brett and I took in a Yankee game, where they won (4 homeruns) great seats and excellent ballpark food. Even the weather was perfect. I think the photos says it all.

This wasn't just a pleasure trip though. I got to play music, both Irish and contemporary in a few places and set up some awesome contacts for my next trip there, probably in the fall. I didn't get any photos of the Irish jam, but below is a picture of the two lovely ladies that let me take the stage at The Village Lantern on Sunday night. They were both extremely talented and I'm hoping to get them down to the ATL some time soon. See if you can guess why I took the last picture posted here. Do you recognize it?

outsidefrom seatsIn Seatsthe ladiesMadison Squ GardenGuess?


May 6, 2008

Cinqo Swim

It was a busy Cinqo De Mayo for your truly. First there was the 7am wake up call for the Wild Wing Weed Hockey Tournament, where my friends, Chad, Dave, Don and myself were defending champs. Unfortunately we not in as good a form this year, but we really did have fun. Pretty cool sombreros, right?.

Later that night I was back at Limerick Junction for the Cinqo festivities, which turned out huge. I sold about half a dozen CDs and made a lot of new friends. I'm off to New York later this week, so I'll check back in here when I get back. I should have some good pictures to share. See you all soon.

Defending ChampsLovely LadiesThe Four AmigosAudience 1Audience 2


May 4, 2008

Craicin' Good Time

Finished up to the weekend and ended up having a great time Saturday night with my friend Neal Lee on The Bodhrán. We had some very good moments thoughout the night. Enjoy the photos.

From StageBad GirlsNeal and me


April 30, 2008

No Nay Never

First night back at the Limerick in a few weeks. Was a good night. Most of The Bastards showed. Many car bombs were consumed. It should be a good week.

From Stageon stage


April 25, 2008

Trying To Keep Pace

About once every 4 months I get to play the 5 Paces Inn / One Pace Over club in Buckhead. It's always an energetic crowd and last night was no exception. Met some cool people and made some friends. A pretty good singer chick, Samantha I think, got up and did a few tunes with me too. Sounded good. Here's some pics.

From Stageon stagetoo close


April 21, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

We had some great weather and great friends come out to Marlow's yesterday. The outdoor music season is finally here. Beside the crowd shot, there's one of me with my newlywed friends, Nick and Summer Horton. Thanks for coming guys. It was a lot of fun.

GroupNick and Summer


April 19, 2008

Ask And You Shall Recieve

Very cool! Last week I came here and complained about my lack of photos from St. Patty's and yesterday someone sent me one! It's a good one too. Say hello to Martin, Alexis, Monica and Denise. The hairy overly tan guy in the middle? Well, that's me. Thanks guys!

St Pats


April 13, 2008

Recovered From St. Patrick's Day

It was an amazing week and it nearly killed me. I'm only exaggerating a little here. It was so busy and crazy, I completely forgot to attain any photographic evidence of the proceedings. I would invite anyone who may have taken pictures of me or my band or the crowd from Limerick Junction, to e-mail me with them and I'll be happy to post them on the site. In the mean time, I've resolved to check in more often on the blog and keep everyone updated on what's happening. See you soon.


April 12, 2007

Okay, Now It's Finished!

Well, I think I rushed to get that first song on the site before I was really happy with it. I've reworked that song and recorded a second one called "Wasn't This Love?" which seems to be a favorite among my regulars. That should be what you are hearing now. If you'd like to hear the new improved "Girl" just go to the Samples page and click the link. Remember, there are still no bass tracks laid down on these songs, but that's coming soon.


April 9, 2007

Hey, I Finished A Song!

If I've done this right, you should be hearing a home studio recorded version of "The Girl She Used To Be" playing on this page. I just finished mixing it yesterday, and I play all the instruments, so forgive my simplistic drumming. Hope you like it!


April 4, 2007

They Were After Me Lucky Charms

What a night! Two nights actually. Limerick Junction, one of Atlanta's most authentic Irish Pubs, is out of control on Wednesday nights. Big thanks to "The Bastards" for knowing all the retorts to all the choruses of every song I did. Really good people. See you back there in a couple of weeks guys.

Limerick 1Limerick 2Limerick 3


March 30, 2007

Gone Fishin', Bass Fishin'

My buddy Shannon and I went up to Lake Lanier today for some afternoon bass fishing. It started pretty slow, but before long we were pulling in fish left and right, then left again. The pic below is one of the better ones I landed toward the end of the trip. The video is from the ride back where we were doing about 55mph over some pretty choppy water. The last few seconds of the video are pretty out of control.

BassBoat Ride


March 28, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Goes On

I got some good news yesterday. Gordon Kerr, from Limerick Junction, agreed to book me there for a few dates in April. I was in there a few nights ago and did a tune with the great Barry Nelson and I think I impressed the right people. Word got back to Gordon, and there you are. Look for the dates on the "Gigs" page and join me for an evening of traditional Irish folk music, with some other stuff thrown in for fun. See you there!


March 9, 2007

Still A Mile High

From the trip that is. What a week, one of the best ever. I arrived in Denver on Friday afternoon, after working at Headline News all morning, and went straight from the airport to the Toad Tavern thanks to my buddy Jason. We arrived in plenty of time as it turns out, because the second act had cancelled, moving my time slot back a bit. A bus load of my friends and family showed up to see the show and spend some time together. It was truly a great night.

On Sunday the boys and I headed off for Steamboat Springs. I had never been there myself, so I was constantly in awe of how big this place is and how well it's run. I snowboarded till I could barely walk, but I think I made some progress. The guys on the trip were all good friends and we had an absolute blast. The captain never turned on the "no drinking" light apparently and unfortunately. The last picture is taken just before we hit the tubing run. We were subsequently asked to leave the tubing area after taking the run all at once, a giant screaming mass of tube fury, something we were of course specifically asked not to do. Hilarious!



February 16, 2007

There Are Fado's and Fadon'ts

Alright, that's not a very good pun, but it was a good gig. Drummer Dave and I rocked out at the Buckhead landmark Thursday night to a very enthusiastic crowd. We always have a good time there, but last night was awesome. Thanks to everyone who came out.



January 10, 2007

Video From Puerto Blues Fest

Most of this footage is from my digital camera, so the sound quality kind of blows, but you'll get the idea. I tried to keep it short enough that it would download in a reasonable amount of time. It's about 9MB, so it shouldn't be too bad. Just click the photo below to start downloading the WMV format video.

Puerto Blues Video

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